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Auto Air Conditioning Service in Parma, ID

Spring is in the air but with the heat of summer still a ways off, auto air conditioning service may not be at the top of your priority list. Keep in mind that if your vehicle’s Air Conditioning System was weak last summer or failed to get sufficiently cool in milder temperatures, it’s probably time to have your system checked.

Symptoms indicating a need for air conditioning service

Dash Temperature Controls PanelHere are a number of car air conditioning problems that can indicate you need your system checked and a possible Freon charge:

  • Air flow from dash vents has reduced over time
  • Air from the vents is cool but not cold
  • There is an odor coming from the vents
  • The fan noise is louder than usual
  • System cools intermittently

At AutoTranz, auto air conditioning service by our ASE certified technicians means a complete inspection of your A/C system to determine what is needed to restore it to full efficiency. Our analysis includes measuring Freon volume, checking fan operation, belt inspection, and cooling system analysis. We run a performance test by loading the system to verify the Freon charge and test all dash panel doors and controls. We also check for leaks if the system charge measures below normal.

Why do air conditioning systems need service?

Cabin Air FilterThe cause of your cooling problem may be as simple as replacing a dirty cabin air filter or as complex as the need for air conditioning compressor replacement. After inspection of your system we’ll have the facts to provide you an estimate of what is needed to restore your air conditioning system to optimum cooling capacity.

A/C systems normally loose small amounts of Freon over time making it common for a system to be slightly low. Topping off the charge during our air conditioning service restores your system to full operation. The leaks that contribute to loss of Freon over time usually happen at seals where hoses connect. If our analysis shows your system charge to be abnormally low, we add dye when recharging the system so leaks are easy to spot. Seal leaks are relatively inexpensive to repair, but if a failing hose is the source of leak the cost can rise quickly.

Auto systems that can cause air conditioning problems

During our inspection we also look at systems and components outside of the air conditioning system that can affect its operations. Here’s a list of items that can cause auto A/C failures:

  • Cooling system overheating
  • Slipping belts
  • Heater core leakage
  • Electronic control module failure
  • Vacuum hose leaks

As you can see auto air conditioning service requires the expertise of a trained auto repair professional. Once the job is done, it’s a good feeling to know your vents will deliver cool air when the summer heat arrives.

We always recommendation our customers not wait until the peak temperatures of summer to schedule their vehicle for an air conditioning service appointment. When the temps jump up, our schedule fills up quickly. Request an appointment online or call AutoTranz Transmissions and Auto Repair today at (208) 722-7429.

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