Chevrolet Battery Replacement

Premium Service Auto Battery Replacement

Many auto battery replacement services are necessary at the most inconvenient times. It seems like that black box we know at the battery decides to die when we’re heading to the Boise State football game, or some other important activity. The battery powers your car from the moment you turn the key until the engine starts and the alternator takes over providing power to the electrical components and accessories.

When that inconvenient moment hits and the engine won’t crank, most of us hope the battery just needs a jump. The next step is to find the battery. Some drivers will have more trouble with that than others since certain vehicle manufacturers seem to be hiding the battery location. Most vehicles like Chevrolet and Ford trucks still place the battery under the hood. Some cars, like Buicks, put the battery under the rear seat while other vehicles, like Volvo, have their batteries in the trunk.

Battery Jump Start

At AutoTranz Transmissions and Auto Repair, we can help with battery problems. Our professional mechanics can test your battery and replace it with a Premium Napa battery. But even more important is that we test your alternator and check for other electrical problems before replacing your car’s battery.

When will my car need a battery replacement?

This is a question asked by many Boise drivers, and the best answer is “it depends”. The average life expectancy of virtually every automotive battery is somewhere between 36 months and 48 months. The battery’s warranty usually covers replacement within that 3 to 4 year period. If the battery is the proper size for the vehicle and isn’t abused, it should function as designed for at least that length of time. Some drivers find their battery has lasted a year or more beyond the warranty period.

Corroded Battery Cables

In contrast, a battery of inferior quality or one that’s too small for the vehicle size is likely to fail prior to the full 3 to 4 years. Also, a vehicle with dirty battery cables, a bad starter, a bad alternator, or an alternator belt that is slipping will put extra wear on the battery and shorten its life.

Here is a list of items that can shorten the life of a battery:

  • Regularly leaving lights on overnight
  • An alternator that over or under charges the battery
  • Extremes temperatures, hot or cold
  • Engine, fuel, or electrical problem that result in extended crank times
  • Dirty or loose battery cable connections

Alternator Serpentine Belt

Accurate diagnosis of alternator charging problems

Frequently a problem turns out to be something other than the need for battery replacement. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a Subaru or a GMC, our electrical technicians at AutoTranz will give your vehicle’s electrical charging and starting system a professional inspection. We will pinpoint the cause of any alternator charging problems and present you with a fairly priced estimate. You can trust us to recommend battery replacement only when our diagnosis shows the battery is causing your car’s problem.

Our shop is centrally located in Ada County at the western most region of Boise near Eagle and just across the street from the northern boundary of Garden City. We are a Napa AutoCare Center so our customers receive the Napa National Warranty on batteries, alternators, and starters we install.

All Boise, Eagle, or Garden City drivers can depend on AutoTranz Transmissions and Auto Repair for your charging system service and auto battery replacement. Call us today or request an appointment online.