Transmission Overhaul Parts

Since transmission overhaul repairs are frequently one of the most expensive repairs your vehicle will need, it’s a good idea to use care when choosing an auto transmission shop. Most people want a shop that offers fair prices and won’t sell them more than is needed to get the job done right.

Feeling confident is important when an automotive repair professional recommends a transmission replacement. No one wants to find out that a less expensive fix like transmission oil and filter change, a new sensor, or minor part replacement would have solved the problem.

Getting a quote to repair your transmission and then being told costly additions to the original quote are required to complete the repair undermines your ability to trust the repair professional and the repair shop. Having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars over the original quote makes it unlikely you’ll return with your vehicle next time around.

At AutoTranz Transmissions, our goal is to be reliable. We want to earn your trust and keep your trust with the superior service we provide.

One way we do that is with clear communication during the initial assessment of your vehicle. To verify the transmission symptoms you are experiencing, we:

  • Road test your vehicle to see if we can duplicate the condition
  • Check the transmission fluid for proper level
  • Visually inspect the fluid for contamination with dirt or metal debris
  • Check engine and transmission computers for codes that have set

Once this assessment is completed, you will receive a printed estimate of what is necessary to correct the transmission’s problem(s). If an overhaul is required there are internal gears or components that will need to be replaced. We plan for those by giving you an up-front quote that will include those additional components. A majority of the time, our first quote ends up being what you pay to have your transmission repaired.

We strive to save you money with our fair prices, spare you anxiety with our accurate quotes, and secure your trust with our ethical business practices.

How do you know your car has an automatic transmission problem?

Some of the most common indications of an automatic transmission problem are hard jerks or clunking noises during shifts. While it’s possible you haven’t noticed any of these symptoms, a message or warning light on your dash (either check engine or check transmission) means your vehicle’s computer has identified a problem and is warning you to have it evaluated by a qualified repair professional.

Here is a quick list of symptoms you may encounter with a transmission problem:

  • Your vehicle will not move
  • A dash warning message or light is displayed
  • Clunk noise or harsh shifting
  • Sluggish response or lack of power
  • Transmission only has one or two gears
  • A higher than normal engine speed on the tachometer

Transmission Repair vs Overhaul

Depending on the symptoms your vehicle presents or the code that turns on the dash warning, even a small transmission component failure identified by the computer can cause a transmission not to shift. Frequently, these problems relate to a sensor or solenoid that has failed. Once the failed part is discovered and replaced, this minor repair resolves the problem.

Other transmission repairs involve removing and replacing external components or partial disassembly of your car’s transmission to repair a portion of it rather than removing it from your vehicle. These type repairs, including internal solenoids, valves, valve bodies, or leaking seals and gaskets, are a much less expensive repair than an overhaul.

Transmission Overhaul Procedure in Parma

If the transmission technician determines there is a major internal problem, you will be given a quote of the cost to perform an overhaul or replacement of the transmission. You may have heard the term overhaul and rebuild. To be clear, these terms mean the same thing.

An overhaul starts with removing the transmission from the vehicle. It is disassembled and cleaned so all internal parts can be visually inspected. If these gears, shafts and housings fail to pass a thorough inspection, they are replaced with new or remanufactured components. All gaskets, bushings, seals, clutches, and bearings removed during the inspection are automatically replaced.

Internal parts found to be in good enough condition to last another 100 thousand miles or 5 years, are reused. These parts and the transmission case are cleaned in a pressurized washer to remove all old clutch debris and any metal residue.

New transmission bushings are installed into the case along with all the seals, pistons, valves, and clutch packs. The transmission is updated to better than original factory condition. During assembly, all components are measured and tested for correct operation and to factory specifications.

Proper installation will insure long life.

When a transmission fails, metal and clutch debris is created by the failure and circulates in the oil. This material can clog the transmission cooler. Before the transmission is re-installed, the transmission cooler in the radiator should be flushed clean and checked for any restrictions. This step is critical to keeping the transmission fluid cool during normal operation. Heat is the number-one enemy of an automatic transmission. Some general repair shops that replace transmissions may not have the equipment or skill to test and clean transmission coolers.

Age and exposure to heat causes rubber cooler hoses to become brittle, crack, and then leak. These must be replaced when the transmission is reinstalled to assure it will function at optimum efficiency for the proper length of time.

Because the cost of an automatic transmission overhaul usually runs between $2100 and $3800.00, no one wants to pay this type of money for a repair that does not last many years and thousands of miles. Professional repair, overhaul, and replacement procedures at AutoTranz Transmissions protects your investment and provides you with a warranty of 24 months or 24,000 miles, or gives you a national replacement warranty of 36 months and 500,000 miles on TransStar transmissions.

At AutoTranz Transmissions, our goal is to repair your transmission so you won’t need to overhaul it again. We also remind our customers of the importance of regular transmission service. Routine oil and filter replacement is the secret to never needing to overhaul this transmission again. Paying a $165.00 maintenance service expense once every year or two is nothing when compared to the cost of a transmission overhaul.

Since 2007 AutoTranz in Parma has been specializing in transmission and drivetrain service and repair. We now also provide general auto repair and maintenance services. Call or stop by the shop to schedule an appointment if you suspect your vehicle or its transmission needs attention. You can also request an appointment online.