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Your Expert Choice for Transfer Case Repair in Parma

As winter months arrive in the Parma area and road surfaces ice over, any vehicle in need of transfer case repair is at increased risk for driving problems. If you notice clunking, jerking, or more noise than usual from underneath as you drive, there may be a driveshaft or transfer case problem. Determining the cause should be left to professional drivetrain mechanics like ours at AutoTranz Transmissions. We specialize in drivetrain diagnosis and repair and have the experience to pinpoint the problem, the expertise to provide a quality repair, and the integrity to do both at a price that’s fair and reasonable.

If you’ve heard or felt one of the above symptoms and taken your vehicle to be checked by a general repair shop, you may have been told that you have a transfer case leak or dirty fluid that needs servicing. Be aware, however, that servicing or changing oil will almost never fix a mechanical problem.

Front or rear wheel drive trucks or SUVs with the option to manually or automatically engage a four-wheel drive option, as well as vehicles with constant all-wheel-drive will have a transfer case. The purpose of a transfer case is to enable all 4 wheels to be used to pull or push your vehicle on the road. This is extra valuable when slippery road conditions are present.

Whether you live in Boise, Eagle, Meridian or the surrounding Ada and Canyon Counties, local residents have trusted our team of drivetrain specialists since 2007. We’re available to inspect your pick-up truck or SUV for minor or extensive transfer case damage and to present the best repair option for your budget.

Transfer Case Chain Gears Bearings

Quality Transfer Case Repair by Drivetrain Specialists You Can Trust

At AutoTranz Transmissions, we work to repair your transfer case to like new or better than new condition. We overhaul to such a high standard that you may never need it done again for that vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Chevrolet, Ford or Dodge truck. We install OEM grade parts, and our technical expertise makes our work exceptional.

Transfer cases contain a chain, gears, bushings, bearings, switches, solenoids, and seals. These small parts are not expensive and are often all that is needed to get your transfer case operating as designed. We remove the case, dis-assemble it, and inspect all of the internal components, replacing all that are failed as well as any that are worn.

While a transfer case is out, we inspect drive shafts, drive axles, u-joints, and differentials. These drivetrain parts are related but external to the transfer case. If any defects are found, it is usually cost effective to repair or replace them at this time, saving you the labor costs to once again remove the transfer case to access these related components. Our drivetrain mechanics always work to assure that this area on your vehicle never needs additional repair.

4 Wheel Driving Snowy Winter

Advanced 4-Wheel Drive Diagnostics by Expert Technicians

For years, trucks used a manual lever to put the vehicle in four-wheel low or four-wheel high gear. Today most vehicles have electronically engaged transfer cases that are activated by pushing dash buttons. These buttons are connected to computers that turn on solenoids or actuators inside the transfer case. Diagnosing the root cause of an electrical or electronic problem requires advanced diagnostic equipment and the experience to pinpoint the exact cause.

With the number of advanced wheel speed sensors and other motion sensors connected to the computers, many vehicles will automatically detect slippage and engage the transfer case. These leading-edge systems require the latest training and diagnostic equip to achieve precision repairs.

Our technicians at AutoTranz Transmissions know these systems because we work on them every day. Our expertise means we diagnose and repair everything in your vehicle’s drivetrain from the mechanical clunks to the electronic four-wheel drive dash warning lights coming on. We get you back on the road quickly and with confidence in our superior repair work.

4x4 Transfer Case Switches Dash

4 Things to Remember with a 4×4 Vehicle

We go the extra mile to educate our customers in how to properly operate a four-wheel drive vehicle so future problems and unplanned breakdowns can be avoided.

1. Never drive in four-wheel mode on dry pavement. The extra friction from the tires grabbing the road puts excessive load on all drivetrain parts, including the transfer case. It can cause the transfer case to overheat, which contributes to break down the oil’s lubricating ability. Heat can also cause the fluid’s volume to expand and blow out the vent at the top of the case.
2. Don’t forget to look in your owner’s manual for recommended intervals to change the transfer case fluid when you have maintenance work done like engine oil changes.
3. Many manufacturers recommend that the auto 4-wheel option, if available, only be used in conditions where road surfaces are potentially slippery. Having the dash button in that position adds enough extra load on the drivetrain to cause undue wear if left on that setting when it isn’t needed.
4. Tire size in critical to normal operation of the four-wheel drive system. Different brands of tires have different sizes and friction characteristics. Having unmatched tires can:

• Increase load on drivetrain parts
• Cause un-even traction on road surfaces
• Wear tires out more quickly due to extra friction

Constant All-Wheel Drive systems take exception to items one and three above. These systems are designed to be driven on slippery roads or dry pavement. Their transfer cases have an extra clutch type device that compensates for dry road friction. A drawback to these systems is that the tires are not locked together in the same way as a 4-wheel drive vehicle with a manual or electronically engaged system. An added benefit of constant all-wheel drive, however, is the convenience of not having to decide which drive mode to select.

Ford Truck Transfer Case

When is Replacement Better than a Transfer Case Repair?

At AutoTrans Transmissions, when we determine the cause of your complaint is inside the transfer case, we will request your permission to disassemble and inspect the transfer case to identify the extent of damage. In most cases, we will give you a quote to overhaul your case. If you know you have regularly maintained it with oil changes, it is likely the overhaul will take care of the problem. An overhaul is almost always be the most economic option.

If the diagnosis points to broken gears or extreme bearing failure, we will disassemble and inspect the case and put together a quote for repairing the case or replacing it with a rebuilt unit. There are several benefits beyond cost to installing a replacement:

• Turn around time can be quicker when a unit is available
• Warranty on complete remanufactured units can be longer than repaired cases
• National warranties are usually available


If you are hearing a clunking, feeling a jerking, getting extra noise while in four-wheel drive, smelling an unusual smell, or have a 4×4 warning light on, it’s time to call the specialists at AutoTranz Transmissions in Parma. We’ll give you an accurate diagnosis and a fair estimate that works best for your budget and time constraints.

We will help you determine if an overhaul repair will save you money over complete replacement costs. With the difficulty of diagnosing the advanced electronics on these systems, using a drivetrain specialist is your best option.

The cost of a transfer case repair is expensive, and the best way to avoid this expense is to keep maintenance services up to date. Electronics and electrical problems happen, but they aren’t preventable like maintenance related problems. If you do need diagnosis or repair, contact the specialists at AutoTranz Transmissions by phone at (208) 722-7429 or request an appointment online.