Save With Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection in Parma ID

Used White Chevrolet Truck

If a used but “new-for-you” vehicle is on the horizon, make sure a professional used car inspection is part of that plan. Before purchasing a previously owned vehicle, most careful buyers will visually inspect the interior and exterior of the vehicle they are considering for signs of wear or damage. Next, they’ll take it for … Read more

2 Essential Auto Maintenance Services to Avoid Expensive Repairs

Essential Maintenance Services at shop

Auto maintenance services for your vehicle are more than just a good idea. It’s essential if you want to get the most reliable service from your car, truck or SUV. But how do you know which scheduled maintenance services are essential for reliable transportation and which ones are a luxury for car owners who can … Read more

7 Auto Maintenance Services that can Leave You Stranded if Neglected

Car Maintenance Service photo

When was the last time your car stranded you because you neglected an auto maintenance service? It could have been due to an electrical problem, a tire problem, or a lack of fuel to the engine. And with Murphy’s Law around, it probably happened at the worst possible time. While it’s fortunate that many systems … Read more

Automatic Transmission Service Types

Transmission Service Technician

In the previous post about automatic transmission service intervals, we presented that heat is the enemy of transmission fluid. Heat causes the fluid to deteriorate, reduces its ability to lubricate, increases friction on internal parts, and leads to shortened transmission life. Choosing the best transmission service type or procedure can be a challenge because recommendations … Read more

Automatic Transmission Service Intervals

Transmission Fluid Service Cars on Highway

Why is an automatic transmission service needed? Following automatic transmission service intervals will extend the life of your transmission. Heat is the number one hazard for automatic transmissions. When fluid overheats, its ability to lubricate and protect internal transmission components and clutches is decreased. The damage quickly worsens as a failing clutch creates additional heat, … Read more